New Games

Juni 2016 

Update 20 Juni 2016

 Dead Island Definitive Collection
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Blood and Wine
Wargame Red Dragon - Nation Pack Netherlands
Total War ATTILA Age of Charlemagne
Valentino Rossi The Game
Trials of the Blood Dragon
Anima Gate of Memories
DUCATI - 90th Anniversary
TRON RUNr Outlands Pack
UEFA Euro 2016 France
Elite vs Freedom
Age of Barbarian Extended Cut
War for the Overworld Heart of Gold
This War of Mine - The Little Ones
Dangerous Golf
Hard Reset Redux
Hearts of Iron IV
Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition Inside Donald Trump
Onechanbara Z2 Chaos
Minecraft Story Mode 1-6
Panzer Corps U.S. Corps
Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus
Adele Following the Signs
American Truck Simulator - Arizona
Apocalypse Partys Over
Blood and Gold Caribbean - All Hands Ahoy!
Celestian Tales Old North Howl of the Ravager
Hero Defense - Haunted Island
Meridian - New World
Planar Conquest
Renowned Explorers - More To Explore
SteamWorld Heist The Outsider
Stranger of Sword City
Tabletop Simulator Zombicide
The Park
Thirty Years War
Tumbleweed Express

Mei 2016

Update 30 Mei 2016

Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD Remaster
Company of Heroes 2 Master Collection
Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC
Call of Duty Black Ops III Eclipse DLC
Lost Planet 3 Complete
Act of Aggression Reboot Edition
The Walking Dead Michonne Episode 1-3
Dead Effect 2
Gas Guzzlers Extreme Gold Pack
Kings Quest Chapter 1-3
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutants in Manhattan
Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 PTE Patch 5.1
Goat Simulator - Waste of Space
Table Top Racing World Tour
Shadow Complex Remastered
Momodora - Reverie Under the Moonlight
htoL#NiQ The Firefly Diary
Tale of Wuxia
Hyperdevotion Noire Goddess Black Heart
Project CARS Game of the Year Edition
Sword Coast Legends Rage of Demons
Dont Starve Together
Code of Princess
Galak-Z The Void
n Verlore Verstand
NERO Nothing Ever Remains Obscure
Offworld Trading Company
Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition
Pinball FX2 - Aliens vs. Pinball
Postal Redux
Sengoku Jidai - Shadow of the Shogun
Koihime Enbu
The Detail Episode 1 - 3
TransOcean2 Rivals
UTOPIA 9 - A Volatile Vacation
Valhalla Hills
Ad Exitum
Adam's Venture - Origins
Battle of Empires 1914 1918 Real War
Battlefleet Gothic Armada
Blood Bowl 2 Norse
Bridge 2
Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 Performance
Cornerstone - The Song of Tyrim
Corpse Party
CTU Counter Terrorism Unit
Decisive Campaigns Barbarossa
Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf
Left Alone
Leveron Space
Pathologic Classic HD
Rogue Stormers
Star Ruler 2 Wake of the Heralds
Sylvio Remastered
TASTEE Lethal Tactics
The Beggars Ride
The Song of Seven Chapter One
Waste Walkers Complete Edition

April 2016

Update 21 April 2016

Quantum Break (Hanya jalan di Windows 10 64 Bit)
Dark Souls III
DOOM 2016 - Beta
Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop DLC
Final Fantasy IX
Europa Universalis IV Mare Nostrum
Endless Legend Shifters
Aurion Legacy of the Kori Odan
The Walking Dead Michonne Episode 2
Baldurs Gate Siege of Dragonspear
Guilty Gear 2 Overture
Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 PTE Patch 5.0
Angry Video Game Nerd ASSimilation
Skullgirls 2nd Encore
Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair
Dont Starve - Shipwrecked
Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code
The Banner Saga 2
Tokyo Babel
TRON RUNr DISC Extender Bundle
60 Seconds
101 Ways to Die
1979 Revolution Black Friday
Adams Venture Origins
Anna's Quest
Ashes of the Singularity
Atari Vault
Blue Sheep
Crystal Rift
Day of the Tentacle Remastered
Dont Starve - Shipwrecked
Enter the Gungeon
Epistory - Typing Chronicles
Everybodys Gone to the Rapture
Flat Kingdom
Forced Showdown
Forestry 2017 The Simulation
Hyper Light Drifter
Kill to Collect
Leap of Fate
Nelly Cootalot The Fowl Fleet
Nexus - The Jupiter Incident Remastered
Order of Battle - U.S. Marines
Out of the Park Baseball 17
Paws - A Shelter 2 Game
Polaris Sector
Professional Farmer 2017
R.B.I. Baseball 16
Radial-G Racing Revolved
Samorost 3
Silver Bullet Prometheus
Stories The Path of Destinies
Tabletop Simulator - Tiny Epic Kingdoms
Terrarium Land
The Descendant Episode One
The Fleets of Sol
The Lost Souls
The Warden
Tiny Guardians
Train Valley Germany
Trial by Viking
Vortex The Gateway
Warden Melody of the Undergrowth
Waste Walkers Deliverance

Maret 2016

Update 29 Maret 2016

WWE 2K16
Assassins Creed Syndicate The Last Maharaja + Jack the Ripper DLC
BlazBlue Chronophantasma Extend
Call of Duty Black Ops III Awakening DLC
Fallout 4 Automatron DLC
XCOM 2 Anarchs Children DLC
Hard West Scars of Freedom
Republique Remastered Episode 1-5
DreadOut Keepers of the Dark
PewDiePie Legend of the Brofist
Hyperdimension Neptunia U Action Unleashed
Way of the Samurai 3
Trackmania Turbo
Chasing Dead
Skyshines Bedlam REDUX
Tiny Knight
Toy Soldiers Complete
Deponia Doomsday
Skyshines Bedlam Redux
Tiny Knight
Shadow Blade Reload
Left 4 Dead 2 v2.144
Team Fortress 2 (inc 350 custom map pack)
Dota 2 Reborn Offline
Alekhines Gun
Alone K.W
Awesomenauts Overdrive
Banzai Escape
Bear Simulator
Ben and Ed Bencalypse
Better Late Than DEAD
Blood Alloy Reborn
Blue Rider
Blues and Bullets Episode 1 & 2
Bus Simulator 16
Carnivore Land
E.T. Armies
Farming Simulator 15 - Holmer
Feelings Adrift
Find Out
Football Club Simulator
Graviteam Tactics Mius-Front
Into the Stars
Kingdom Wars 2 Battles
Life in Bunker
Mind Zero
Moon Hunters
One Upon Light
Panzer Corps Soviet Corps
Soul Axiom
Space Overlords
StarDrive 2 Sector Zero
Suits A Business RPG
Tabletop Simulator - Scythe
The Adventures of Tree
The Flame in the Flood
The Guest
The Town of Light
Trulon The Shadow Engine
Ultimate Chicken Horse
Warhammer 40000 Armageddon Golgotha
We Are The Dwarves
XBlaze Code Embryo

Update 03 Maret 2016

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 (64 Bit)
Dying Light - The Following Enhanced Edition
Assassins Creed Syndicate Jack the Ripper DLC inc patch 1.4 (Patch ONLY)
Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 PTE Patch 4.1 (Patch Only)
LEGO Marvel Avengers
XCOM 2 (64 Bit)
Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster
Sacred 3 Gold Edition
Xuan-Yuan Sword EX - The Gate of Firmament
Pillars of Eternity + The White March Part 1 & 2
Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO (64 Bit)
Arslan The Warriors of Legend
Deponia - The Complete Journey
Minecraft Story Mode Episode 1-4
Total War ATTILA Empires of Sand Culture Pack
Gemini - Heroes Reborn
Homeworld Deserts of Kharak
Pesadelo - Regressao
Sea Dogs To Each His Own
Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen
Galactic Civilizations III Mercenaries
Cities Skylines Snowfall
Disgaea PC
Galactic Civilizations III Mercenaries
Hitman GO Definitive Edition
The Walking Dead Michonne Episode 1
Shadowrun Hong Kong Extended Edition
Street Fighter V
Tales of Symphonia
Tales of Zestiria
Kung Fu Panda Showdown of Legendary Legends
Age of Mythology EX Tale of the Dragon
Assassin s Creed Chronicles India
Assassins Creed Chronicles Russia
Grim Dawn
Goat Simulator PAYDAY
Infinitesimal Point
Lets Sing 2016
Naught Reawakening
The Deadly Tower of Monsters
The Political Machine 2016
The Witness
Agatha Christie The ABC Murders
American Truck Simulator
Babel Choice
Bubonic OutBreak
Crusader Kings II Conclave

Desember 2015

Update 11 Desember 2015

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII
Dragon Quest Heroes - Slime Edition
DiRT Rally (64 Bit)
Dreamfall Chapters Book 1 - 4
The Sims 4 Get Together Addon + All Previous DLC
Football Manager 2016
Europa Universalis IV The Cossack
FIM Speedway Grand Prix 15
Helldivers (
Adventure Time Finn and Jake Investigations
CITYCONOMY Service for your City
Pool Nation FX
Rivers Of Alice Extended Version
Rocket League Chaos Run
The Ritual on Weylyn Island
Valhalla Hills
Wars of Napoleon
Zombie Vikings
Crossbow Warrior The Legend of William Tell
Emily Wants To Play

November 2015

Update 30 November 2015

Rainbow Six Siege
Handball 16
Wicked Witches
Euro Fishing
I am Bread Goatbread

Update 27 November 2015

Starcraft II Legacy of the Void
Vendetta Curse of Ravens Cry
Mordheim City of the Damned
Endless Legend The Lost Tales
SHOGUN 2 Total War Complete Edition
Borderlands The Pre Sequel Complete Edition
Saint Seiya Soldiers Soul
Club Manager 2016
Minecraft Story Mode Episode 1-3
FIVE Guardians of David
Invisible Inc Contingency Plan
Mayan Death Robots
Scourge of War Waterloo
Switch Galaxy Ultra
Tidal Affair Before The Storm
Unmechanical Extended

Update 19 November 2015

Assassins Creed Syndicate Gold Edition inc 24 DLC
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Final Cut
Game of Thrones Episode 1-6
Game of Thrones Episode 6 Only
Stronghold Crusader 2 - The Jackal and The Khan
Mighty no 9 Special Demo Version
Dead Rising - Chop till you Drop
Hard West
Construction Simulator - Gold Edition
Stardust Galaxy Warriors
AI Invasion - Road of Rodan
The Living Dungeon

Update 11 November 2015

Call of Duty Black Ops III  (64 Bit)
Fallout 4  (64 Bit)
Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition
Divinity - Original Sin Enhanced Edition
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re Birth3 V Generation
MX vs ATV Supercross Encore Edition
PES 2016 PTE Patch 2.0
Anno 2205
Sonic Lost World
Train Simulator 2016  (inc 103 DLC & Train)
Wasteland 2 Directors Cut
The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky Second Chapter
Age of Empires II HD The African Kingdoms
Minecraft Story Mode Episode 1 & 2
Mugen Souls
Wave of Darkness
A-Train 9 V4.0 - Japan Rail Simulator
Chaos Reborn
Dungeons 2 - A Clash of Pumpkins
Ether One Redux
Farming Simulator 15 Gold Edition
Pathologic Classic HD
The Park
The Seven Years War 1756 1763

Oktober 2015

Update 22 Oktober 2015

Tales of Zestiria
Life is Strange Episode 1 - 5
Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1 - 5
PES 2015 PTE Patch 8.4 Final
Overlord Fellowship of Evil
Sword Coast Legends
Merch and Merc Black Talons
Gun n Zombies n Aliens
Dark Years
Emergency 2016
Warhammer 40000 Deathwatch Enhanced Edition
NASCAR 15 Victory Edition
Dungeons 2 a Game of Winter
The Age of Decadence
Legends of Dawn Reborn

Update 14 Oktober 2015

The Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone DLC + Update 1.10
Dragon Age Inquisition Game of the Year Edition
STAR WARS Battlefront Online Beta
Transformers Devastation
WRC 5 FIA World Rally Championship
Project Cars New vs Old Car Pack + Update 5.0
FIFA 15 Modway 3.1.1
PES 2016 PTE PATCH 1.0
Minecraft Story Mode Episode 1
Amnesia - Memories
A-Train 9 V3.0 - Railway Simulator
Civilization Beyond Earth - Rising Tide
Colonial Conquest
Dex Enhanced Edition
Prison Architect
Sublevel Zero
7,62 Hard Life

Update 05 Oktober 2015

Might and Magic Heroes VII
Samurai Warriors 4 II
ZombieZoid Zenith
Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Patch Season 2015/2016
Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Patch Season 2015/2016
Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Patch Season 2015/2016
Lost Horizon 2
AI Invasion
Drone Zero Gravity
Heroes of Normandie
Jerry McPartlin Rebel with a Cause
Lumber Island - That Special Place
Luna Sky
Ninja Pizza Girl
VERGE Lost chapter

 September 2015

Update 29 September 2015

NBA 2K16
FIFA 16 DEMO (inc All Teams Patch & Squad update)
Cities Skylines After Dark
Afro Samurai 2 Revenge of Kuma Volume One
FIFA 14 Modway 6.5.1
Final Fantasy V
Grand Ages Medieval
Blood Bowl 2

Update 21 September 2015

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016
Nobunaga Ambition Sphere of Influence
Men of War Assault Squad 2 Complete Edition
Magicka 2 Gates of Midgard Challenge
Black Sails The Ghost Ship
Skyshines Bedlam
Train Simulator 2016

Update 15 September 2015

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
Mad Max
Act of Aggression
ARK Survival Evolved
FIFA 16 Demo
Mini Games Collection 2015
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
Ravenmark Scourge of Estellion
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Redux
Solar Shifter
Dungeons 2 A Song of Sand and Fire
Leos Fortune HD Edition
Kitchen Simulator 2015
Raiden IV OverKill

Agustus 2015

Update 31 Agustus 2015

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3
Pillars of Eternity The White March Part I
PEs 2015 PTE Patch 8.3
Crookz The Big Heist
Grandia II Anniversary Edition
Hegemony III Clash of the Ancients
Mega Man Legacy Collection
Calvino Noir
I Shall Remain
Onikira - Demon Killer
MISSING: An Interactive Thriller - Episode One
Corpse of Discovery
Evoland 2
Fran Bow
Giana Sisters Dream Runners
Party Hard
Satellite Reign
Shelter 2 Mountains
Super Mega Baseball Extra Innings
Autobahn Police Simulator
Azure Striker Gunvolt

Update 24 Agustus 2015

Final Fantasy Type 0 HD
Trine 3 The Artifacts of Power
Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1-4
Risen 3 Titan Lords Enhanced Edition
The Witcher 3 Patch + 16 DLC
Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Pesgalaxy Patch 4.5.0 & Garuda Soccer Patch 2.0
Shadowrun Hong Kong
Planetary Annihilation TITANS
Velocity 2X
Update 18 Agustus 2015

Battlefield Hardline
Space Hulk Ascension
Cognition Game of the Year Edition
The Sims 4 Spa Day Addon
Dragon Age Inquisition The Descent DLC
Dead or Alive 5 DLC
Pro Cycling Manager 2015
Fallen A2p Protocol
Beyond Eyes
Cast of the Seven Godsends
Celestian Tales Old North
Devils Share
Fairy Fencer F
Gauntlet Slayer Edition
Hidden on the Trail of the Ancients
Lifeless Planet Premier Edition
One Final Breath
Shadow Blade Reload
Super Splatters
Time Ramesside (A New Reckoning)
Toy Soldiers War Chest
machina of the planet
Absolute Drift
Dead Realms
Holy Potatoes a Weapon Shop
Toybox Turbos
Lakeview Cabin Collection

Juli 2015

Update 30 Juli 2015

Batman Arkham Knight
GTA Online
Lords of the Fallen
Bioshock Infinite Complete Edition
Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition
Triad Wars
Alone in the Dark Illumination
Total War Attila (inc. The Last Roman DLC)
MotoGP 15
F1 2015
PES 2015 PTE Patch 8.2
Mortal Kombat X Predator & Tremor DLC
LEGO Jurassic World
Trials Fusion Awesome LevelMax Edition
Portal Stories MEL
Farm Expert 2016
Game of Thrones Episode 1-5
Life is Strange Episode 1-4
Dragon Ball Xenoverse Bundle Edition
DGU (Death God University)
Mount and Blade Warband - Viking Conquest Reforged Edition
Crusader Kings II Horse Lords
Throne of Darkness
Way of the Samurai 4
Kings of Kung Fu
Worms World Party Remastered
Construction Machines Simulator 2016
Guild of Dungeoneering
How To Survive Third Person Standalone
Funk of Titans
Never Alone Foxtales
Monster Truck Destruction
Lords of Football Complete
Tembo The Badass Elephant
Breach and Clear Deadline
AR-K The Great Escape
Battle For The Sun
Coffin Dodgers
Colonial Defence Force Ghostship
Contradiction - Spot The Liar
Endless Space Gold
Gravity Core Braintwisting Space Odyssey
Knee Deep
Legends of Eisenwald
Lethis - Path of Progress
Niko - Through the Dream
Rocket League
SHOFER Race Driver
Sorcerer King
The Amber Throne
The Battle of Sol
The Last Dogma
The Magic Circle
The Red Solstice
Vapour Part 1
Vector Thrust
Westerado Double Barreled
The Talos Principle Road To Gehenna
King's Quest Chapter 1
GTA Chinatown Wars HD
GTA Liberty City Stories HD
GTA Vice City Stories HD
Midnight Club 3 HD
Legend of Kay Anniversary
Outland Special Edition
RONIN Digital Special Edition
The Swindle
Violett Remastered
Who's That Flying
Yasai Ninja
Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm
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